Club messenger is a simple to use online communication and marketing tool for your golf club.


Club Messenger creates happier members, increases member retention, increases club revenues and decreases costs.

Good communication between your golf club and its members is vital for the future success of your golf club. Money talks

Club messenger solves your communication problems in a very simple way that will generate revenue for your golf club from your existing members and new sponsorship opportunities. See what members are saying.

Club Messenger will also save you time on administration, postal and phone costs using online tools, text messages, surveys and more

New revenue could go towards the junior club-coaching programme and promote the game to next generation of golfers or to improve your clubs golf experience for members and visitors.

Just add one more link to your existing website and aim to see a return in year one of  over £5000 in new revenue.  Show me how you plan to do that

Questions to ask yourself

  • Is adding value to what your members receive from your golf club important?

  • Is communication with members important?
  • Is generating revenue for the club important?
  • Is gaining sponsorship important?
  • Is offering a better service that other clubs of value?

If you have answered yes to any of the above questions you should take a look around.  Start here and see how much time and money you could save

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Monday Feb-08-2016

Is Club Messenger a service your members would see as added value? 

This is a true story.  We recently visited a golf club manager who believed that better communication was something his members did not want or value. As we were leaving we had a conversation with six members who were just arriving for a game.

Kevin Woodford

Monday Feb-08-2016

"Now you are cooking on gas says top chef and keen golfer"